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India is the hub of mobile users. With the exploding number of mobile users, SMS has become a very popular way of communication.

http://www.sms.in offers Free SMS to to any CDMA, GMS Mobiles all over INDIA. SMS.In is all about empowering users with hassle-free way of sending SMS free of cost to any mobile in India. sms.in provides its users text messaging absolutely free of cost. Users get this free text messaging service in exchange for opting in to have targeted ads appended to their message.

Out of the 160 characters of a standard SMS, SMS.In offers 140 characters to the User to send out their personal SMS. The rest of the characters are reserved for Advertisement or Mobitisement. Now we are providing 20 to 140 character ads to advertisers depending on the length of message people send. This way you can reach out to a large audience (close to 1 Lakh all over India in 1 month) without the hassle of sending out promotional SMS messages and no worry about mobile number database.

SMS Ad Tariff
1 Month
3 Months
6 Months

For more details Contact : +91 XXXXX XXXXX

SMS.IN is the best platform for SMS Advertising in India, because of the following reasons:

  • SMS advertising is timely - deliver at the exact time your advertisement will have most impact.
  • Target audience can be achieved very fast, as the medium is mobile.
  • SMS advertising is cost effective.
  • Ideal for the 18-45 market.
  • Response device is already present.
  • SMS is personal - most messages are read as soon as they are received.
  • SMS advertising response rates outstrip all other forms of advertising.
  • It's relatively cheaper than other mediums like print and broadcast.

We can help you effectively use SMS for:

  • SMS product launches.
  • SMS Brand reinforcement.
  • SMS Customer Loyalty Programs (i.e. shopping centres, or larger stores, Brands).
  • SMS supported movie/band promotions etc.
  • SMS promotion of events
  • SMS direct response mechanism for advertisements (linked with print/radio/TV/handouts/billboards)
  • SMS special youth market activities.
  • SMS Polls, SMS opinion surveys etc.

SMS advertising allows you to get the most out of your mobile marketing budget.It is relatively cheaper other mediums like print and broadcast, which can sometimes even runup your advertising budget.

Irrespective of your advertisement budget or the size of your business, sms.in offers you a great marketing opportunity. Click here to contact us.

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