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One of the best marketing tools for an aggressive marketer has turned out to be the humble SMS message facility in the mobile phone. Mobile Messaging Ideas have also become so pervasive that they are the most common element of any marketing plan.

Any introduction of latest electronic gizmos is often followed by a blitz in mobile marketing them with attractive price and rental options. A case in point is the Apple iPod, which caught the imagination of all consumers worldwide and became an instant success. One can say that one of the mobile marketing ideas has been to raise the aspirations of the consumers and motivate them to upgrade their electronic possessions. The rapid advance in technology has also enabled mobile messaging that is capable of many innovative forms like video messaging, picture messaging, music and sound messaging and so on.

Marketing of movies, music albums, opera and theatre tickets, travel offers and confirmations, alerts on service, new offers and schemes on financial products like credit cards, opinion polls, and entries to popular game and reality shows on television --- this is the reality that is happening today across the world.

Consumers who feel that they have been pestered by the marketers have the option of enrolling their numbers in the Do No Call Register. The numbers in this register are out of bounds for telemarketers and others. But marketers still have many more potential customers to contact and they do it in as attractive manner as possible. Many freebies are available to customers if they respond to the mobile marketing messages.

Political campaigners fully understand the impact the messages have on the recipients and they go to great lengths to communicate in a nice manner and sway their opinion towards their party. Political commentators find that they can gauge the feelings of voters with ease even as they conduct their own surveys among the voters. In addition, with the almost complete domination of mobile phones among the people, mobile marketing has become simple and effective as a direct medium of contact.

One major element of mobile marketing is the facility of instant two-way communication. Consumers who receive a message on their mobile phone can press the reply button and send their replies. Marketers are happy with this because they are able to gauge the response to the offer within minutes of sending the offers.

Sports and contests are the favourite of consumers. Mobile marketing in this area is also popular as they convey scores, odds and offer of special seats on crunch games. It helps that most mobile marketing messages can be sent automatically.

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